Sooo my first post exposes (but not really, since you probably are aware of this danger) this weird obsession that humans, myself included, have with robots. Firstly, why are we doing this to ourselves? In some places, robots have already began replacing waitresses, I fear I’m next. I for one am not enthused by the new competition, which is already very stiff given that 3rd graders today are preparing for SAT exams and coming to steal my jobs. But I digress….

National geographic has run several articles on robots but they recently posted one in which robots (click for the article) appear HUMAN!!!!!! This Friday or Thursday during my drive to work, on the radio they played a conversation between two chatboxes. These chatboxes were only programmed to say hi and the rest would be completely up to them. They learned to speak from hours of listening to human conversation, which is also interesting given what their conversation quickly turns to. Robots cannot yet think for themselves… but is it only a matter of time? Regardless the video is amusing and I have included the link in case it does not post on the blog. Happy Watching!!!


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