Procrastinators Anonymous

Hello, my name is Mr. Choenes and I’m a procrastinator. So I as I previously posted, I’m back to Spain in just three weeks!!!

I came back to California to pretty much sit on a pendulum: On some days I was 100% certain I would return to the land of siestas and afternoon cervezas, on other days the calm of settling in California was oh so tempting.

Finally, I was forced to decide. I applied for my visa at the last minute possible, almost late enough that I would not get it in time to leave for Spain…. I actually still don’t have it and have to turn in some of my paperwork tomorrow. That being said, I AM on top of my shit when I’m given a structure. But left to my own devices…. I’m a hot mess!!! ofu!!!

Since I am living with my mom at the moment she witnessed my self inflicted distress, at making the decision and stress of getting the visa, firsthand. During one of my “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” insanity moments, she asked me if I enjoyed this feeling. Initially I thought, of course not, but maybe it wasn’t the stress that I enjoyed but the final “yes, despite the odds I got shit done!!!!”


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