Wax that thang!

On the theme of waiting.....In a world in which children skip their childhoods altogether it may not hurt to explore other methods of love before going for the big bang….

I’m referring to risks! Take them! Don’t wait! Don’t Procrastinate! We can work on this together!!!! Lord/ Lady upstairs… knows I need to! It’s always easy to put things off, seeing a friend, going to a new restaurant, etc.

What I want to encourage myself and anyone who may read this is to, look like a crazy, have people laugh at you. Though I know it’s difficult, it’ll build character. Sitting at home protected is no life at all. So explore and learn…. wax your armpits because it seems like a good idea, get hurt and get up!     I’m going to try it too!  😀

These billboards were all over LA last year and I found them hilarious.


2 responses to “Wax that thang!

  1. mwhahahahhaha that billboard is terrible

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