Nom Noms

Given my recent unemployment I have begun doing demos at a variety of stores, ones I don’t usually frequent. However, it has turned into a fun social experiment:

  • Today one man tried to sell me HIS very own product for 25 minutes, he also offered to call me to remind me…. Just take your sample and a coupon…
  • The product I promote is an “ethnic” food, when I offered it to a man he yelled at me about the location of hamburgers, steak, and cheese….. I don’t know sir, maybe they’re in your fat ass– but I didn’t say that
  • I love it when some ladies say, “mmm, girl, Yea I try some!” or anything with “mmmmm, girl”
  • Hoop earrings, I’ve seen a lot of these and I love them and now I want a bigger pair!
  • I mostly love, love, luuuuuuuuuuv  the suspicious looks, sometimes confused looks I get from some people….. I’M JUST OFFERING YOU FOOD!!!!
  • A woman wearing an “I ❤ Boobies ….. I<3 Boobies” Belt

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