Some Lame Title

I love that life and people will always surprise you!

I have been taking a clown course with my new Spanish roomate. Like me she is a bit shy when it comes to being an idiot in front of a group of people (I do however manage to identically act the fool in front of people).

Anyway, after I got a few drinks into her….( I really like wine I’m assuming she does as well given her consumption). I found out that this sweet, caring little girl (well young adult) is quite the hoodlum, always for moral reasons of course. She told me she egged houses, again for moral reasons and I told her how ordered my margaritas, “I want a margarita, make it strong, I don’t want to feel my eyeballs at the end of this night.” She was all about this line, and has promised to try it in the near future.

I met a woman who was in love with life (because of Italians and wine) I think life’s pleasant surprises are making me fall in love.

Also, I want a PUPPY!!!!


One response to “Some Lame Title

  1. clown class, seriously? i want to hear more!

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