Monthly Archives: December 2011

I stole an Elephant

I love elderly folk. Something about their taka takas (walkers), the wisdom in their eyes or the fact that they say whatever the hell they want because nobody can really tell them otherwise.

My favorite elderly individual, my greatest love, my grandmother was one of the most amazing women I have ever known. She had a vibrant personality, she was the type of person that could start a conversation with a rock, a wall, or even a boring person.

She had a belief, theory, or superstition that elephants brought good luck and that you needed to find one, steal one, and get one as a gift. A few months before her death I found an elephant. Following it I received several elephants as gifts from my friends and finally this month I STOLE one!!!! It was the first thing I have stolen and my heart was about to beat outta my chest.

My elephant, whom I have not yet named, is German, stolen from a Weinachtsmarkt in Deutschland!

Now I can get my tattoo, I have the design I just need to wait to have it done since I am travelling this winter break! 🙂