What would Lincoln do?


I don’t care what anyone says Lincoln was a babe; one of my favorite presidents.

My favorite thing about Lincoln is that he always kept his cool. When betrayed or antagonized he wouldn’t reprimand or hand out verbal lashings. Instead, he wrote “strongly worded” letters, to those who had wronged him. However, he never sent them.

He realized that these letters would only be met with resentment. The recipient would not feel sorry, instead he/she (but lets be real, he) would justify his own actions and condemn those of the president.

In my youthful haste to persuade people, I have severed one + relationships with unkind words. Next time, I feel like I’ve been “ass – fucked in the heart,” I’ll ask myself, what would Lincoln do….

So write a letter. Blow off steam, because resentment makes you look fat. But for the love of whomever DON’T SEND IT!

Next time you’re overcome by rage just ask yourself what would Lincoln do. Carry a five dollar bill folded like the one in the picture in your wallet. 


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