Wat da….?


Both letting go and moving on are interesting concepts; whether it’s a place, a stage in life, or a person in your life. Letting go and moving on are always difficult. 

One of my friends just began teaching. One of her 6th graders asked her what would happen if he passed all of his tests and did all of his homework. My friend replied that he would then move onto 7th grade. He was perplexed and responded, “so it’s like 6th grade never happened?” As ridiculous as the question seems, I think that when a lot of us want to let go/move on, we go through a stage when we need to detach ourselves and pretend it never happened. Hence, Gotye’s Somebody I used to know, or I have an ex-boyfriend that would not look at me/ or even in my direction after we had broken up. So is this child’s question really that ridiculous? I mean, I am forever changed by the individuals I meet and the places I visit so clearly they happened. 

Sometimes though, moving on may make it seem as though 6th grade didn’t happen…. Maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to accept and to do. 

Anyway, Gangstas buy some booze with your fake i.d.s   ….. and wear red lipstick!

I love NYC 😉




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