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California, I didn’t know other places had 80% humidity

I’m leaving Los Angeles, CA for NYC!!! In TWO days!!!! fuuuuuuuuuuck I can’t believe it. NYC has 80% humidity and 100% high fashion.

Anyway, this is a cool DIY


Fashion for the unfashionable, DIY

Isabel Marant has said that fashion is meant to become unfashionable…. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anyway the picture links to a DIY of those awesome tights as does clicking here-whoa!

Enjoy! I hope you can make them as unfashionable as I can.

Happy Friday Eve.


the man makes the clothes, the clothes make the man

Clothes Make the Man. Naked People have little to no influence on society. -Mark Twain

My friend introduced me to this awesome blog , by a super fly chick. When you’re hot shit like she is, who cares if you repel men.  I’d like to think that’s the reason I repel them… ?

Anywho, she posted this pic:

It got me to thinking….Others treat you differently based on how you are dressed. Even you treat yourself differently and interact differently based on how you are dressed. So dress the best you can. Don’t spend $400 on an Isabel Marant shirt but let your personality show in your clothes.

I envy hipsters with their ironic mustaches and cute overalls. Neither of those has ever looked good on me…. such is life, maybe one day I’ll stop waxing my mustache and bring out my overalls from the fifth grade…..

Dream Catcher, Jewelry Snatcher

This is a GREAT idea! Easy peasy.

Check out the Free People blog for great DIY’s and inspiration, click here.

Simply lovely


Again I have been terrible at checking with my blog there is really no excuse except my laziness.


A very bad blogger

Hello Family,

I have been a terrible blogger, neglecting this blog for what seems like months.

During my time away I have been to Amsterdam and Prague. I LOVED these two places. I spent Christmas in Valladolid with my friend B. On the 27th of December I flew right on over to Amsterdam. I got into the city at around 9pm. I was completely taken aback by the beauty, lights, extravagant architecture, EVERYTHING!

I did an insane amount of walking in Amsterdam and it’s surrounding villages.

I met a Chinese guy who only spoke chinese and german. So after 5 years since taking german in high-school, I spoke German for a day and a half!!!!

I started this post almost a month ago and never managed to finish because I’m an insanely busy or hungover little bee.

But I don’t want to neglect my blog any longer!

Last night I saw a flamenco show. It was amazing, full of passion and fervor. I also pierced my nose!!! I’m pretty sure the Spanish guy piercing my nose thinks American girls are crazy. I went with my friend, who also got her nose pierced and we were both freaking out like little boys….

But we managed and now my nose hurts a little.

More posts to come very soon!!!