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Why on earth would you ask me that?

Stupid interview questions I’ve had to answer this month:

1. Why do you want this job? –Because I need the mo-nay mo-nay

2. Sell yourself to me? — I think that’s illegal in ALL 50 states :/

3. Why this company? –Because, because yes

4. Define success. — Not having to answer bullshit interview questions

Anyway, I got the job. I’m pretty stoked. That’s a lie I’m super stoked, but SO nervous! I want to run around the room screaming like my 12 year olds did in Spain. I don’t think it’s acceptable for me though….


Enjoy your marshmallows


It’s hard to believe it but I only have two months and a half left in Seville, Spain. I’m only just now starting to feel settled with my life here. I realize that I should take it all in and enjoy the moment but it’s just so difficult to not think of the future. Since childhood, this “think ahead” ideology has been engraved in my mind.

A popular  psychology study involves placing a marshmallow in front of a child, telling him or her that he/she can eat the marshmallow immediately or wait 15 minutes and then have two marshmallows. It’s a huge struggle for the child http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EjJsPylEOY . However these children were interviewed years later and the children who waited to eat the marshmallow at a young age were more successful, healthier individuals in their adulthood. Were these individuals happy with all of their success or were they always thinking of the future. Was the present marred by the future for them?

Don’t get me wrong the future is super important but once we’ve learned to wait for the second marshmallow is it possible to enjoy the time in between?

A very bad blogger

Hello Family,

I have been a terrible blogger, neglecting this blog for what seems like months.

During my time away I have been to Amsterdam and Prague. I LOVED these two places. I spent Christmas in Valladolid with my friend B. On the 27th of December I flew right on over to Amsterdam. I got into the city at around 9pm. I was completely taken aback by the beauty, lights, extravagant architecture, EVERYTHING!

I did an insane amount of walking in Amsterdam and it’s surrounding villages.

I met a Chinese guy who only spoke chinese and german. So after 5 years since taking german in high-school, I spoke German for a day and a half!!!!

I started this post almost a month ago and never managed to finish because I’m an insanely busy or hungover little bee.

But I don’t want to neglect my blog any longer!

Last night I saw a flamenco show. It was amazing, full of passion and fervor. I also pierced my nose!!! I’m pretty sure the Spanish guy piercing my nose thinks American girls are crazy. I went with my friend, who also got her nose pierced and we were both freaking out like little boys….

But we managed and now my nose hurts a little.

More posts to come very soon!!!



Alicante reminds me of a small, sea-side Granada, it even has a castle in the “old-town.” This castle is by no means the Alhambra, but you can easily climb to the top and have a view that overlooks the entire city and the ocean. For the past two weeks Alicante has been hosting the volvo ocean race, and therefore this weekend Alicante’s charm emerged in the form of sailors.

Though I would have liked to see more of the city, I did enjoy it’s nightlife.


The view from my friends apartment.




The pre-race.





World Revolution

This brings me to tears; a world united.



The Guadalquivir River in Sevilla, looking onto Triana (the “posh” part of Sevilla, which has attempted to break apart from the city)20111016-030357.jpg

20111016-030408.jpg Also, Guadalquivir, this time looking onto Sevilla proper.


A narrow street way. In the casco antiguo, most streets look like this one. The lack of width makes it so that on very hot sunny days these streets are much much cooler than the rest of Sevilla.


Nearing the River.




The setas are a new architectural structure, finished last year. They have an archaeological museum underneath and this is where the 15th of May Spanish Revolution protests began in 2010, and where October 15th protests have taken place. No longer is this just a protest against the Spanish government but against the crisis in which our world finds itself. Take a gander, make a change:   http://occupywallst.org/




Gitanas guarding this residence from the sun.

via(Los Angeles Alleys)