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the man makes the clothes, the clothes make the man

Clothes Make the Man. Naked People have little to no influence on society. -Mark Twain

My friend introduced me to this awesome blog http://www.manrepeller.com/ , by a super fly chick. When you’re hot shit like she is, who cares if you repel men.  I’d like to think that’s the reason I repel them… ?

Anywho, she posted this pic:

It got me to thinking….Others treat you differently based on how you are dressed. Even you treat yourself differently and interact differently based on how you are dressed. So dress the best you can. Don’t spend $400 on an Isabel Marant shirt but let your personality show in your clothes.

I envy hipsters with their ironic mustaches and cute overalls. Neither of those has ever looked good on me…. such is life, maybe one day I’ll stop waxing my mustache and bring out my overalls from the fifth grade…..


LA woman

For the past two years I have been living in the paradise known as Sevilla, Espana! For the past month my friends and I have been speaking of the culture shock we would experience upon our return to the USA. I was so sure that I would be immune to it and that I would adapt perfectly to my life in Los Angeles.

Alas, I was wrong! I returned to the states on Thursday afternoon and already I long for the warmth of Sevilla, its narrow streets, its friendly people, its roman ruins, and most of all the great people I have met there. I want to go back so badly. Yet here I am in Los Angeles jobless and friendless ( most people have moved away or started real lives). I realize that soon I will settle and start a real life but I really don’t want to. I want to return to my life in Spain where I could just ride my green, second-hand bici anywhere in the city. But the realities of school loans and working towards a career have pulled me back to the good ole’ US of A.

Will Ferrell looks much older! Gah, why is life changing so quickly!!!!

Simply lovely


Again I have been terrible at checking with my blog there is really no excuse except my laziness.


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After a long rerouted flight, a lost bag with my most important belongings, I am in Sevilla in my new apartment. Granted my new place is gorgeous, but I cannot leave…. The keys my landlord has given me, open none of my doors. So I must await patiently for new keys to come.

I really cannot wait to get things back in order! arrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh! But there are worse places to be stuck.


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Pigs are the only animals that consider us their equals; dogs look up to us (I don’t care…they still are man’s best friend) cats look down on us (cunts). Pigs also have 30 minute orgasms…. I respect that!

Nom Noms

Given my recent unemployment I have begun doing demos at a variety of stores, ones I don’t usually frequent. However, it has turned into a fun social experiment:

  • Today one man tried to sell me HIS very own product for 25 minutes, he also offered to call me to remind me…. Just take your sample and a coupon…
  • The product I promote is an “ethnic” food, when I offered it to a man he yelled at me about the location of hamburgers, steak, and cheese….. I don’t know sir, maybe they’re in your fat ass– but I didn’t say that
  • I love it when some ladies say, “mmm, girl, Yea I try some!” or anything with “mmmmm, girl”
  • Hoop earrings, I’ve seen a lot of these and I love them and now I want a bigger pair!
  • I mostly love, love, luuuuuuuuuuv  the suspicious looks, sometimes confused looks I get from some people….. I’M JUST OFFERING YOU FOOD!!!!
  • A woman wearing an “I ❤ Boobies ….. I<3 Boobies” Belt