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If you didn’t know how old you were….How old would you think you were?

aksfjaskljfa! Does this make sense?

Sometimes when I see “Age: 24” I’m SHOCKED! :$   I realize I’m not actually old, though my knee does pop out from time to time, but when did 24 happen?

I believe that how old you look has little to do with the way you physically look but more with your overall demeanor. Sure, you can meet someone and say 43, but when they share themselves with you, you think wow 25 and you can no longer see what made you think 43 (besides that bald spot) …. jokes :/  . Karma, please don’t give me a bald spot for having written that….

That being said, i would rather act 5 than 15, and I would rather be 24 than 15 because though I still constantly have verbal diarrhea…. oh fuck how’d that dumb shit come out of my mouth? …. I am more comfortable with myself and I am more in control of my decisions. The key to looking 20 at 27 (besides eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables!!!! SERIOUSLY, eat the fucking broccoli it’s the best thing for you) is to feel like you are five. Did you care what anyone thought about you when you were five. Nope! You probably danced anywhere you wanted and ran naked through fountains. Give yourself equal freedom now. Now that you can choose to eat ice cream for breakfast (but remember we’re trying to live to 140 so have oatmeal instead) choose to act the way you want to, not the way you perceive other people want you to. Because they probably don’t give a rat’s ass or even worse a rat’s tail…ew!

I originally started to write this because I really like this Rookiemag.com, it’s a magazine for teenagers and has a lot of great advice that I can still relate to. One of my favorite articles is about how some of the funniest ladies on the telly lost their virginity. I admire and appreciate their youthful honesty. Check it out here.


Crunch, crunch…avoid the Ranch.

UCLA did a study where college boys were asked to rate their preference of women’s body types. These boys were hungry… for food. Upon completing the task, they were given a sandwich. Then they were given more bodies to rate. It turns out, hungry males prefer fuller looking women; whereas, satiated hunger led these same men to choose more slender women. Moral of the story: NEVER FEED A MAN!!!

Jokes… but I do believe that most women struggle with weight, even really anno looking ones.

Anywho, I do believe that eating healthy and smart is important. I don’t normally like to share when I’m dieting mostly because I don’t think anyone cares. But I have found a great site for healthy eating!

The author has some great recipes. Her website is available here. Also, this is how we should eat ALL of the time, splurging once in a while.




The Guadalquivir River in Sevilla, looking onto Triana (the “posh” part of Sevilla, which has attempted to break apart from the city)20111016-030357.jpg

20111016-030408.jpg Also, Guadalquivir, this time looking onto Sevilla proper.


A narrow street way. In the casco antiguo, most streets look like this one. The lack of width makes it so that on very hot sunny days these streets are much much cooler than the rest of Sevilla.


Nearing the River.




The setas are a new architectural structure, finished last year. They have an archaeological museum underneath and this is where the 15th of May Spanish Revolution protests began in 2010, and where October 15th protests have taken place. No longer is this just a protest against the Spanish government but against the crisis in which our world finds itself. Take a gander, make a change:   http://occupywallst.org/




Gitanas guarding this residence from the sun.

via(Los Angeles Alleys)

Sun and Moon


The Incas believed that gold was a product of the sun’s sweat and that silver was a product of the moon’s tears.



ALSO…. Women who drink 4 cups of coffee decrease likelihood of depression by 20% !!! For more read the article in the huffington post. Enjoy!!!!

Get it NOW!

Patience is a virtue, I choose not to have; sometimes however this has come back to bite me in the badunkadunk…..

My poor, hurt bootay has lead me on the search for tact….

Where are you gift of persuasion? Well here you are:The Art of Influence in Psychology Today. This very interesting article outlines how to go about getting what you want and avoiding the whole crying, screaming, looking like an ass business….

Expressing your feelings is extremely important. Women, who express themselves rate themselves as being in happier relationships.