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You Do You


I’m almost 25! AAAAA! Freakout!

I now work in sales (I never thought I would…. thanks anthro degree). I get rejected 50-80 times per day #Fun?   Anyway, the past couple of months haven’t been my best.

However,  all of this rejection is helping me in my personal life. When I get a “fuck off” or yelled at for 10 minutes by a potential client, I no longer take it personally or let it get to me. I find my inner Jay-Z and move “onto the next one.”

The point is in all of the rejection and negativity it’s important to stay true to yourself, hence, “you do you.”



A diamond is coal under pressure – my yoga gal


There’s a wonderful girl in Long Beach who holds Yoga classes every Saturday and Sunday by the beach. Classes are free, but of course donations are included and well earned!

I absolutely adore her energy and teaching style, plus she always has all these really deep inspirational phrases to get you through the poses and life.

Though it may not seem so, Yoga is difficult! Today my back is sore and it feels so good! — That’s probably the point that Yoga like life can sometimes seem so easy to the outside but to the individual doing each pose, going through each motion there’s a bit more going on.

Anyway, I love this picture! Remember if you’re going through something difficult a diamond is coal under pressure; you’re on your way to becoming a diamond.